Friday, November 20, 2015



I snuggled down into my seat at the Grand Theater to watch the new James Bond movie, Specter.  Side note- kind of grosses me out thinking about snuggling into a theater seat, but thats another story.  I arrived at the theater early to ensure I had a seat and ample time to get refreshments.  News flash, there is nothing healthy at the theater…  Nothing.  I ordered some popcorn and a diet coke (because I’m watching my figure) and enjoyed the show.

After the movie was over, I was disappointed in myself for getting popcorn because I already had a cheat meal for the week.  

***Before reading on, remember, this is my journey.  If you want to crush popcorn or alcohol or drink star bucks out of a red cup, I’m not judging.***

So, the good old popcorn got me to thinking.  Could I have made a better decision?  Yep.  How?  A very easy way to make a better decision is to think about it before you make it.  At Versus we call this self talk.  Sometimes I like to shorten and simplify the entire process and ask WHY.

Personally, I find asking Why is very helpful in any situation.  Here are some scenarios where WHY can help:

  1. I want three cupcakes.  Why?  Because I deserve them.  Why?  Because I’ve been working out pretty consistently lately.  Why?  Because I want to feel more confident in my clothes and in front of the mirror.  Why?  Because feeling more confident makes me happy.  Will the cupcakes help you with confidence and happiness?  Maybe for five seconds, but not in the long run.  Is the cupcake worth it?  Probably not.  Could you make a better decision?  Yep.
  2. I have a gym membership but I’m not seeing results.  Why?  Because I go at my own speed and don’t push really hard.  Sometimes I don’t even go.  Why?  Because its tough.  Why?  Because I’m not consistent enough I guess.  Could you set one goal at first to make improvement easier?  Yep.  I could make it a goal to show up two times per week.  Will showing up more help with results?  Yep.  Would pushing a little harder from week to week help with results?  Yep.

Those are only two scenarios but WHY could be used in countless ways to help break a situation down.

IMO, we have an emotional side and a rational side.  The reactive, I WANT IT NOW, side is our emotional side talking.  The WHY principal can help in calming and channeling the emotional beast.  The rational side pops up when we slow down and ask ourselves WHY or question our actions in general.

IMO, questioning our actions is very very important.  If we always act impulsively with little thought behind our actions, things can go wacko quickly.  Also, acting with no plan and no criticism yields very little results.  Thats why I believe WHY, is so important.

Try asking WHY today and see how you do with it!  Have a good one!


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