Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Are you spending countless hours on the road, training for your next race, and feel like you’re not getting any faster?

Are constantly worn out, over trained, and injured?
The vast majority of endurance athletes get injured during the typical training year…
Enter the VSC Running Clinic.
Coach Michael Frierson spent the last 10 years running races of all types:  5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, 50k, spartan race...  I asked him why attending the Run VSC clinic would be vital to any level of runner and a few other questions:
Versus- "What's the longest distance you've competed/completed?"
Michael- "I completed the Carl Touchstone 50k.  While training for the race, our team logged over 350 miles... All injury free."
Versus- "What's your fastest 5k?"
Michael- "Recently, 20:54.  In my opinion the 5k is one of the hardest races.  If you build a good level of endurance completing a 5k isn't too difficult.  Trying to run it hard is very difficult in my opinion."
Versus-  "Why should you sign up for the VSC Running Clinic?"
Michael- "Its a great value!  As a client you'll get video analysis of your running form, weeks worth of skills and drills to take home and practice,  nutrition information for all race distances and mobility techniques for injury prevention.  Most importantly, we will help improve your technique immediately."
Regardless of your endurance background the VSC Running Clinic has you covered…
Are you looking to improve your running and endurance just so you can get a better 5k time?
The Skills & Drills program will help you do just that. With 6 weeks of ‘homework’ that you can fit into to your daily warm ups you’ll be running more efficiently in no time.
Do injuries have you sidelined? 
Shin splints?  Plantar fasciitis?  Knee pain?  Do you heel strike when you run?  The mobility and technique portions of this seminar can help!
So, If you’d like to get faster, reduce your chance of running injuries, improve your technique, and complete your first, or your best race... 
Sign Up Now: Click Here!

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