Thursday, November 15, 2012

Holiday Weight Gain
One pound of fat

Here is a LINK with the all the detail!  Over the entire holiday season from Halloween until New Years the average weight gain was: 1.05lbs

Jessica Hawn answered the closest with "A pound."  Heather Williams you were on the money but I needed one answer!!! Sorry!

The study goes on to suggest that weight gain of only one pound may not sound bad, but that one pound stays with you!  The folks in the study never lost the one pound they put on... sorta like the permanent pound!

Its obvious this study wasn't conducted in Mississippi... How do I know that?  Buddy, between you and me, I can gain 10lbs after my Mama's thanksgiving dinner!  Anyone want to do a weigh in before thanksgiving day and then after New Years day?  --Ha Ha Ha... this fella!

The most important thing to remember:  Eat Clean and Train Dirty!  More Free Tee Shirt Give aways coming soon!

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