Monday, July 11, 2011

Rainy Monday!

First off... The Beast Mode Award goes to my 4pm class today.  Noah's flood came a' pouring down and you guys decided to run in it!!!  Big PROPS!

I'm sitting here watching Extreme Weight loss Maker Over edition.  GREAT. SHOW.  Yeah I'm aware its got the tear jerker factor etc... but I am really interested in how the show gives you an inside look at what type of life style you have to lead to get to 400lbs.  One contestant a few weeks back explained weight gain very very plainly, "I'm a food addict.  My drug is around me every day, all day, and its legal.  Everyone wants to buy it for you and you have to have it every day to live."  WOW.  I've never really thought of food that way, but food is a "hell of a drug" (charlie murphy!).  Here is an article THAT IS A MUST READ!  It is rather lengthy but I'm telling ya... read it.  Please. READ

Monday: warm up with body weight movements and active stretches

str: front squat and bent over row

workout: 10Min Amrap
20 wall balls
200m run

do the wall balls unbroken!  If you dont have a wall ball do thrusters!

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